MATES 2017

15th German Conference on Multiagent System Technologies

in conjunction with
2017 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI 2017)

August 23 - 26, 2017
Leipzig University, Leipzig, Germany

Conference Program

The MATES 2017 conference program will comprise various regular paper sessions, invited keynote talks, a PhD mentoring program including a special panel discussion, as well as social events.

Accepted Papers (Preliminary)

The following papers have been (conditionally) accepted for MATES 2017. Please note that this list is still subject to change. Final acceptance and inclusion of presentations in the conference schedule depends on status of revision (where applicable) and author registration to the conference.

  1. Sebastian Ahrndt and Sahin Albayrak. Learning about Human Personalities
  2. Zohreh Akbari and Rainer Unland. A Holonic Multi-Agent System Approach to Differential Diagnosis
  3. Masoud Barati and Richard St-Denis. Team Formation through Preference-Based Behavior Composition
  4. Joshua Brown and Terry Bossomaier. Flock Stability in the Vicsek Model
  5. Thomas Gabel, Alaa Tharwat and Eicke Godehardt. Eavesdropping Opponent Agent Communication Using Deep Learning
  6. Sajad Ghorbani, R. Rahmani and Rainer Unland. Multi-Agent Autonomous Decision Making in Smart Micro-grids' Energy Management: A Decentralized Approach
  7. João Guilherme Faccin, Ingrid Nunes and Ana Bazzan. Understanding the Behaviour of Learning-based BDI Agents in the Braess' Paradox
  8. Oudom Kem, Balbo Flavien and Antoine Zimmermann. Collaborative Search for Multi-goal Pathfinding in Ubiquitous Environments
  9. Theocharis Kravaris, George Vouros, Christos Spatharis, Konstantinos Blekas, Georgios Chalkiadakis and Jose Manuel Cordero Garcia. Learning Policies for Resolving Demand-Capacity Imbalances during Pre-tactical Air Traffic Management
  10. Arndt Lüder, Jacek Zawisza and Alexander Becker. Advancing the Performance of Complex Manufacturing Systems Through Agent-based Production Control
  11. Wulfrano-Arturo Luna-Ramírez and Maria Fasli. Plan Acquisition in a BDI Agent Framework Through Intentional Learning
  12. Stefania Monica and Federico Bergenti. Indoor Localization of JADE Agents without a Dedicated Infrastructure
  13. Stefania Monica and Federico Bergenti. Two Analytic Models of Compromise in Multi-Agent Systems
  14. Frank Nedwed, Ingo Zinnikus, Maxat Nukhayev, Matthias Klusch and Luca Mazzola. shopST: Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling with Agent-Based Simulated Trading
  15. Stephanie C. Rodermund, Fabian Lorig, Jan Ole Berndt and Ingo J. Timm. An Agent Architecture for Simulating Communication Dynamics in Social Media
  16. Lixin Tao. Extending OWL with Custom Relations for Knowledge-Driven Intelligent Agents
  17. Georg Weichhart and Alexander Hämmerle. Lagrangian Relaxation realised in the NgMPPS Multi Actor Architecture

Preliminary Schedule

The final schedule will be published soon.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Friday, August 25, 2017

Saturday, August 26, 2017